The Birch Bay Marathon

Thursday, January 7, 2010


So it's been a while since I've been excited about my running; and even longer since I've been excited about my blogging. With the start of a new decade perhaps both are due for an injection of effort.
2009 ended on a low point. After a mostly lackluster year of racing, I decided to take the last couple months of the year off to focus on completely healing my right foot of the constant pain I'd been running with most of the year. After six weeks off, I was disappointed to start back up and to still have the pain in my foot. But after a few more weeks of running short distances once a day, the pain has seemed to slowly but significantly improve. As of Monday I felt good enough to start running twice a day and to start training "for real." I'm thrilled to report that despite the increased mileage and even the addition of speedwork (OK it was hill repeats so they weren't that fast, but the effort was there) the foot is doing better than it has in a long time. I'm determined to change my training patterns to be a little more conservative with regards to injuries but more aggressive with regards to speed. This translates to more soft surfaces, more specific speedwork, more cross training and strength training, but less total mileage (especially on the roads).
I'm excited to find out what affect this new emphasis will have on my performances. Will I be able to get back under 15:00 for a 5K? Will I ever be able to qualify for the Olympic Trials again? Indeed, I sometimes wonder if I'll ever win another race in Bend again, what with the addition of Mr. King and the cross country skiers that have been humbling me lately.
As for now, the motivation is high and the health is good. I'm expecting 2010 to be my best year yet!

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kcaba said...

Hmm....sounds like you are taking the "less is more" approach the Cabas like to preach. I have nailed the "less", still working on the "more". In my case, "more" might be "more". We'll see....

Andy Martin said...

Is this the "less is more" when it comes to getting P.T. for every minor ache and pain or the "less is more" in terms of analyzing and re-analyzing all the past results of each and every potential competitor in an upcoming trail race? One thing is for sure though, those Caba's do like to preach!

Ryan Altman said...

LOL, great banter going back and forth. Often us athletes are a little too stubborn to realize when we need rest. Like to see that the humbling has motivated you. Should make for some exciting races this year.